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Virginia Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment | The Daily Show

21 час назад

Virginia becomes the 38th state to pass the 1920s-era Equal Rights Amendment, and Desi Lydic weighs in on the amendment's expiration. #TheDailyShow ...

Justin Trudeau’s Doughnuts, Tinder’s New Updates & Steve Mnuchin vs. Greta Thunberg | The Daily Show

24 час назад

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces backlash after buying expensive doughnuts, Tinder unveils new safety features, and Steve Mnuchin criticizes ...

United Swing States of America - Arizona’s Daylight Saving Time Opt-Out | The Daily Show

2 дн назад

Desi Lydic heads to Arizona to discover how the residents of this swing state feel about not participating in daylight saving time and attempts to figure out why ...

Coronavirus Scare, Saudi Arabia’s Jeff Bezos Hack & Pete Buttigieg’s Awkward Moment | The Daily Show

2 дн назад

The new coronavirus has health officials on high alert, Saudi Arabia's crown prince allegedly hacks Jeff Bezos's phone, and Pete Buttigieg urges a crowd to ...

Getting a Word In with Rudy Giuliani | The Daily Show

3 дн назад

The Fox & Friends hosts are no match for Rudy Giuliani's mouth. #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...

The Democratic Candidates Can’t Dance | The Daily Show

3 дн назад

This week on So You Think You Can Dem: #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...

Mitch McConnell’s Weird Impeachment Rules | The Daily Show

3 дн назад

Michael Kosta reports on the Senate impeachment trial live from Washington, D.C. and defends Mitch McConnell's curious rules for the proceedings.

Delta’s Worker Bonus, a Dad’s Wrestling Tackle & Hillary Clinton’s Attack on Bernie | The Daily Show

3 дн назад

Delta Air Lines offers its employees huge bonuses, a man tackles his son's high school wrestling opponent, and Hillary Clinton expresses her disdain for Bernie ...

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial - Day Three | The Daily Show

3 дн назад

Senators struggle to sit through Trump's impeachment trial, and Trump considers crashing the proceedings while also moving full steam ahead on major ...

The New York Times’s Dual Endorsement & Michael Bloomberg’s White Privilege Speech | The Daily Show

4 дн назад

The New York Times's editorial board endorses Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in the Democratic primary, and Michael Bloomberg openly acknowledges ...

Susie Essman - “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Is the Greatest Job Ever | The Daily Show

4 дн назад

Actor and comedian Susie Essman shares why she loves working on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” #TheDailyShow #SusieEssman #CurbYourEnthusiasm ...

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial - Day Two | The Daily Show

5 дн назад

On day two of Trump's impeachment trial, the president fights to bar John Bolton from testifying, and senators fight to stay awake, prompting Roy Wood Jr. and ...

Like it or Not, Trump Is Living His Life - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

5 дн назад

Trump lives in a world we all want to be in, one where you can say and do whatever you like. #BetweenTheScenes #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily ...

Yara Shahidi - Living Her Fullest Life Through Her Character on “Grown-ish” | The Daily Show

5 дн назад

Actor and activist Yara Shahidi returns to The Daily Show to share what excites her about the new season of “Grown-ish” and why shes uses her platform to ...

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial - Day One | The Daily Show

6 дн назад

As Trump's Senate impeachment trial begins, Trump's defense attorney, Alan Dershowitz, addresses comments he made during the Clinton impeachment, and ...

Trump Impeachment Trial Juror Orientation | The Daily Show

6 дн назад

You, a U.S. senator, have been called for jury duty in the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. As a juror, the most important thing is to remain impartial.

Rick Wilson - Being an Anti-Trump Conservative and “Running Against the Devil” | The Daily Show

6 дн назад

Former GOP strategist Rick Wilson shares why he believes Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican Party and offers Democrats campaign advice in his ...

These People Failed Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The Daily Show

7 дн назад

Roy Wood Jr. runs down the most misguided celebrations of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, from retailers to pundits, and reflects on the legacy of the civil rights ...

Little Donny's 3rd Year | The Daily Show

7 дн назад

The president turns 3 today! Here's a look back at Little Donny's big year: #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...

David Alan Grier - The Continued Relevance of “A Soldier’s Play” | The Daily Show

7 дн назад

Actor and comedian David Alan Grier shares how “In Living Color” accidentally became a political sketch comedy series and discusses his personal connection ...

I Apologize for Talking While You Were Talking - OBJ’s Butt-Slap & Cheating Astros | The Daily Show

1 нед назад

Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta discuss the latest sports news, including Odell Beckham Jr. slapping a cop's butt and the Houston Astros cheating their way to a ...