Fire And Police Videos

Six Year Old and his Dog Found After Missing for Ten Hours in Sherburne County

5 дн назад

A missing Sherburne County 6-year-old was found safe with his dog overnight, the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office announced the news at 2 a.m. The Elk ...

Nevada State Trooper Saves American Flag in Las Vegas on Busy Highway

5 дн назад

Nevada Public Safety released dash cam video from an incident in Las Vegas. A Trooper was northbound on the I-15 near Sahara when something in the left ...

Is a real Officer pulling you over? How to weed out the fake police

7 дн назад

The viral video of the "fake teen cop" brought to light a serious question of how tell if your being stopped by a real Officer. The Bernalillo County Sheriffs ...

Newly Released: Brenden Wysynski the Fake Teen Cop Jail Transport Video

1 нед назад

Fire and Police Videos has obtained body camera footage from the Albuquerque Police Department of Brenden Wysynski's jail transport. He was charged with ...

Honest Deputy Refuses a $10,000 cash Bribe from DWI Suspect Ends Up Making a $25,000 Cash/Drug Bust

1 нед назад

Fire and Police Videos has obtained the full traffic stop and evidence intake of a suspect trying to bribe a Santa Fe County Deputy with $10000 cash on October ...

“Tennessee Volunteer” Football Player Jeremy Banks Calls Coach and Threatens Cops

3 нед назад

Tennessee Volunteer star line back Jeremy Banks was pulled over for a traffic violation which led to his arrest for an outstanding warrant. Banks was pulled over ...

Fake Teen Cop Pulls Over Driver and Gets Arrested in New Mexico

3 нед назад

Fire and Police Videos obtained lapel footage of an Albuquerque Police Department investigation and arrest of 18-year-old Brenden Wysynski for posing as a ...

Police Rescue Kitten on Busy Highway

3 нед назад

an officer in North Kansas City, Missouri stopping to rescue a kitten stranded on a concrete barrier dividing lanes of traffic on I-29. The officer quickly grabbed the ...

13 Children of Firefighters Killed on 9/11 graduate from FDNY

4 нед назад

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the graduation ceremony for 301 Probationary Firefighters. Among the ...

Saint Paul Police Press Conference on Shooting Death of Ronald Davis

4 нед назад

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell released body worn camera video from an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Sunday, Sept.

Raw Footage of Albuquerque Firefighters and Rescue Descending Down Stairs in Full Bunker Gear

4 нед назад

Albuquerque Firefighters and Rescue Descend Stairs in Full Bunker Gear Full bunker gear is 50lbs of gear with an oxygen tank on the back. They climbed 22 ...

Police Footage of New Mexico Senator Car Crash and Arrested on DWI

4 нед назад

Here is raw video of Senator Richard Martinez crash and DWI investigation. A Democratic state lawmaker charged with drunken driving says he won't resign ...

Downtown Albuquerque Protest Turns into Violent Encounter with Arrests

1 мес назад

RAW VIDEO: Just after a protest and counter protest ended in Downtown Albuquerque, Emergency Response Team Albuquerque Police officers were ...

POV: Firefighters Descend Flight of Stairs in Full Bunker Gear on 9/11

1 мес назад

On September 11th, 2019, Albuquerque Fire Firefighters donned bunker gear and climbed the U.S. Eagle Building near Civic Plaza in Albuquerque, N.M. They ...

Suspicious Woman Reading Quran Mocks Observants and Firefighters at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

1 мес назад

The Albuquerque community came together to watch firefighters from Albuquerque Fire Rescue and Bernallio County Fire climb 55-flights of stairs to mimic the ...

Search and Rescue Rope Rescue Team Shows Off Skills

1 мес назад

Village of Los Lunas Rope Rescue Team performs a four story demonstration of their Training Tower. These maneuvers are used in building, cliff, and high ...

Village of Los Lunas Gets New Rosenbeauer Fire Truck of the Future

1 мес назад

The Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico was able to purchase a new Rosenbauer Fire Truck with General Obligation Bond money approved by the tax payers.

2019 State Fair Parade Fire & Police Edition with Sirens

1 мес назад

The 2019 New Mexico State Fair Parade occured on September 7th, 2019. Here is the Fire and Police version. Music: Direct to Video by Chris Zabriskie is ...

Arrest Footage of UFC Star Conor McGregor from Cell Phone Incident

1 мес назад

Lapel footage of Conor McGregor's arrest in March after he smashed the cellphone of a fan who tried to take his picture. In the video, McGregor exits his AirBnB ...

Cop Gets Dragged in Chase with Police Sirens On!!!

1 мес назад

A suspect lies to cops and drags a police officer in Brooklyn, Ohio after taking off. A short car pursuit lead to a standoff. Thomas LaForce of Brooklyn, Ohio man ...


2 мес назад

Albuquerque Police and Fire dispatch communications are housed together at the building observed here. It is surrounded by the AFR (Albuquerque Fire ...