I sold 3 of my trucks to buy something lol

4 дн назад

In the last few days I've sold several of my trucks for like half price literally Were all done with duramaxes. And the square body is gone :( I kinda explain what ...

Testing the Coolest invention ever (The Chinese Exhaust Jack)

1 нед назад

I saw this on eBay and couldn't help but laugh Its not made to be hooked up to a duramax. We almost flipped my wife's car and tried to flip the truck down a hill.

My Honest Opinion of other Truck YouTubers (Calling out Clickbait)

2 нед назад

Sometimes I wonder what life is like to clickbait..... it is only then that I will explore into the realm of other truck youtubers videos. Good people? YES FOR SURE.


2 нед назад

I can finally show you all what I've been waiting for over a year for. MONSTERMAX IS REAL. I explain where the truck was and show the beginning stages of it's ...

Truck Drives on 20 FOOT TALL WHEELS (World Record)

3 нед назад

I've wanted to do this ever since I was born. It was a RIDICULOUS amount of work. But totally worth it. At least we have some spares incase one breaks. Enjoy!

Pressure washing my interior to keep it clean (3,700psi)

4 нед назад

We use the ZERO DEGREE pressure washer too on literally every part of this truck EXTREMELY DISSATISFYING. “You like that? Zero point energy.

Truck on Square wheels drives 50mph Proving Mythbusters Wrong

4 нед назад

Mythbusters was VERY wrong about this. We had a lot more damage than I expected though. Water got into the ECM too and now it's not running right.

Absolute fool buys the worst property on the planet without knowing it

4 нед назад

2.4M for literally the worst property in the world. There been some bad decisions in history but none top this. Watch Jason make the worst choice of his life!

Restoring My Dads Old Construction Truck

1 мес назад

You all thought I was joking about the whole restoration thing but we actually made it pretty dang nice This is like my favorite truck now. The only one capable ...

I Bought my Dads Truck to Restore it!!

1 мес назад

Guess who's allowed to do burnouts now?? It's always good to keep family heirlooms! I have personally decided it's in everyone's best interests if we do some ...

DISCING FIELD 25 MPH with 2 Duramax Trucks (Wheels dig 14” trenches)

1 мес назад

We added 15MPH to our previous record This time we sustained much more damage though. You can see rocks flying off the disc making sparks. 3/4 Monster ...

Mint Lowered 12V C30 DAMAGE UPDATE.

1 мес назад

Just keeping everyone up to date on any changes with the 12v and things weve done so far to it. Top speed run, and grinding gears. Literally. #keepingitnice.

Fourwheeler on Paddle Tires attempts the SINKHOLE

1 мес назад

I think there's only 3 times we've gotten across this super deep sinkhole but this was definitely the easiest lol. Max on tracks barely did it, and the fourwheeler on ...

Duramax Breaks 7 CV AXLES IN ONE WEEK (Differential Bends 4 INCHES)

1 мес назад

Can anyone explain what's going on? It's not uncommon for an entire Duramax front end to fall apart this fast but I've never seen this before. Any guesses?

RUNAWAY Duramax spits out turbine after Sucking in Rags

1 мес назад

If you were wondering whether a duramax is a good purchase just watch this video. We fed it Rags, water, rocks, corn, dirt, lug nuts, and ball bearings and it still ...

The Reason I Destroy All My Trucks

1 мес назад

People always ask why I destroy everything so I guess here's a 10 minute video that will actually make you happy if you pay attention lol. Try learning to not be a ...

Driving HALF a Duramax

1 мес назад

Well this was very unexpected Somehow we hotwired the 4WD actuator and got it to work. Within 30 mins we were scooting around on a 600hp Duramax front ...

Paddle Tires on the Road Rattle Everything

1 мес назад

Why does nobody use paddle tires on pavement or the drag strip????? Find out today They are definitely recommended in mud though. #PADDLEMAX.

Driving ONLY the CHASSIS (600hp Duramax)

1 мес назад

You've seen the pictures, but nobody has made a video of driving one like this A few safety concerns but it's quite fun as long as you don't have loose fitting ...

900HP Duramax on PADDLE TIRES Throws Mud 100Ft High

2 мес назад

Imagine the hardest boosted launch ever in a 4WD truck..... but in Mud... With a 2WD Never thought I'd go mudding with my race truck that's for sure.

Duramax still runs perfectly after 42lb Tannerite hit

2 мес назад

Have you ever been body slammed to the asphalt? Cuz that's what this Duramax just felt and it still runs fine Didn't quite expect the seats to be shredded ...