2 дн назад

We just got paid, we're feeling cute, going out. Welcome to Diner. Akano seems charming at first but he has some other plans in store. SUBSCRIBE HERE: ...

Viral Asian “Funny” Tik Tok Memes

3 дн назад

They're funny, they're wholesome, they're downright sad and dumb sometimes but we'll get over it. Today I'm reacting to subreddit dedicated to scripted Asian ...

How I Became RICH At Age 20... 100% True (Share My Story Reaction)

3 дн назад

RobertIDK is back uploading to YouTube and I (Gloom) am ready to celebrate by showing him a horrible story about a gold digger who tricks a sweet old lady ...

Riddles To Test Your Ability To THINK🧠 @AzzyLand

4 дн назад

Azzyland and I (Gloom) are back at it again to solve some puzzles and have a few laughs. Ah, I missed her. I hope you enjoy our weekly test of logic speed.

DO NOT Download! This Game Will FIND YOU!

1 нед назад

This game seems like a fun and innocent surprise party but it's so much more than that. Otherwise LaurenzSide wouldn't have a sinister grin on her face when ...

Stepdad Thinks My Boyfriend Is Too Ugly... in Bitlife

1 нед назад

Time to see what Bitlife is serving and it's juicy, in fact it reminds me of Share My Story. My step dad doesn't like me or my boyfriend, so I'm trying to make friends ...

My Teacher Got Me Pregnant! ... 100% True ... (Share My Story w/ @LaurenzSide )

2 нед назад

I, Gloom, am too cynical by myself. So LaurenzSide is here to react to Share My Story with me and shed a positive light on a girl who apparently got with her ...

Survival Logic Riddles To Quiz Your Mystery Skills 👀 w/ @LaurenzSide

2 нед назад

LaurenzSide and Gloom?! Doing riddles?! Let's solve some puzzles and try to outsmart each other. We're a good team for a daily IQ test. Is the title just a jumble ...

Trying GENIUS DIY Food Hacks & "Funny" Tricks (123 Go)

2 нед назад

Sometimes 123 Go goes ahead and makes a video that pops off real hard. I'm curious how genius these hacks actually are so I'm trying them myself. Subscribe ...

I'm Allergic To AIR! (Reacting to "True Story" Animations)

2 нед назад

We've heard some amazing, insane and dumb true animated stories so far, I wanted to check out what seems to be the craziest. This girl is allergic to air, this ...

Mind Puzzle Riddles To Test Your Brain Speed

3 нед назад

Azzyland and I (Gloom) are dumber than unconscious llamas. But these puzzles, questions and quizzes will raise our IQ and teach us how to survive in this ...

DON’T Open A Virus From The Deep Web (yikes)

3 нед назад

Welcome to FILE, a game that watches you, tests your, makes you solve secret messages, and wants your family to come across harm. Let's put ourselves to the ...

Logic Riddles to Test Your Vision 👀

3 нед назад

Azzyland and I (Gloom) want to know who cheated, which brand logo is fake, how to work at Google, who time-traveled at the same time we did, and how a girl ...

I was Abandoned for being Too Pretty... 100% True... (Share My Story)

3 нед назад

Why be cynical when you can believe?! Today we're reacting to Share My Story, a story about a girl who was apparently abandoned at 15 because she was ...

We're Getting MARRIED

4 нед назад

Hello there, I (Gloom) am now engaged to my fiance, Terry. This is the story of the proposal and our long and crazy relationship of over a decade. There have ...

Girl Accidentally Makes Cat FREAK OUT

4 нед назад

Welcome back to internet videos that are strange, funny, oddly satisfying, or just feature some good boys. This is a compilation of videos I found entertaining, ...

Do NOT Press The Bell... She'll Get Mad

1 мес назад

Welcome to Suite 776 and me screaming. It's time to let this insane woman ruin the party for everyone. I brought a friend too because I was scared.

My Dad Watched Me On Camera.. Animated "True" Story (Share My Story)

1 мес назад

"True Story" animations are the reality TV of Youtube, and reacting to it to see if it's actually real is the lazy investigative journalism of it. I wanted to see how well ...

IQ Boosting Riddles To Test Your Logic w/ @AzzyLand

1 мес назад

Azzyland and I (Gloom) are doing some mixed riddles to test our problem solving skills. I swear these are getting more dumb but so are we Subscribe to 7 ...

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO MY FACE?! - The Missing Sally Face Story

1 мес назад

This is the secret clip in Sally Face Episode 5 that myself and so many other playthroughs missed. 7:50 and onward in the video covers the heartbreaking and ...

Do NOT Take This Test If You Are Anxious

1 мес назад

This game specifically tells players not to play it, but we're going in anyway. This is When The Darkness Comes, we will be given a mixed array of tests and trials ...