What Your Signature Says About You

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Graphology is the science of analyzing signatures. Yeah, people actually study this stuff! Your signature and handwriting are completely unique to you! Have you ...

What If You Fell off a Cruise Ship

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In August 2018, a UK woman was sailing on the Adriatic Sea. Seems like nothing out of the ordinary, just the perfect summer vacation out on the open water!

Why Taxis Are Often Yellow

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What comes to your mind when you see the color yellow? One of your top 5 answers is “Taxi”, right? And even though not all taxis are yellow around the world, ...

What If Parents Don't Give Their Baby a Name

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The glorious day has finally come when you can take your new baby home! But you haven't given the hospital a name for your new bundle of joy yet. How about ...

All the Sounds in the Universe from Quietest to Loudest

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What's the quietest sound imaginable? Okay, nobody can answer this question cause the loudness (or quietness of this sound) is nearly immeasurable. It's the ...

Why Planes Don't Fly Over Himalayas

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Wouldn't it be amazing to see the tallest mountain on the planet from an airplane window? Just imagine yourself nestled in your seat, sipping on a coffee and ...

Why Trains Blow Their Horns So Much

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Have you ever thought why trains blow their horns so often and so loudly? The truth is that they have to. And the main reason for that is safety. Locomotive ...

Why Buses Don't Have Seatbelts

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Fastening your seatbelt while in a car is something you learn even without knowing the rest of the road traffic regulations. But have you ever wondered why ...

What Happens When You Don't Eat for 1 Day

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Feeling tired and weak? Perhaps you were buried in your workload and didn't notice the time. You look at the clock and what?!? It's 4 hours passed your ...

Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

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Whether you're getting around by car, train, or plane, traveling can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, even if you love it. Your flight can get delayed by a lot.

Why Astronauts Wear Orange and White

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The bright orange color astronauts wear to go out for launch is called International Orange, and it's the same shade as the paint that coats Tokyo Tower in Japan, ...

Why Police Cars Are Often Black and White

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When you hear a police siren blaring around the corner, you're already expecting to see a sedan painted in certain colors rushing past you. But have you ever ...

Why Pilots Turn Off the Lights During Landing

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Do you wonder why flight attendants always give us the same instructions before take-off and landing? Some of them sound strange and seem to have no logic.

What to Do When You See a Suspicious Stranger

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Say you're walking home after having dinner with friends. It's dark, but you don't live too far away from the restaurant. Soon, though, you get that creepy feeling ...

A Man Who Fell from Space to Earth

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We already know about aircraft that travel at supersonic speeds. That's mind-boggling on its own. But what about a human doing the same? You know, without ...

65 Quick Facts to Make You the Most Interesting Person in The Room

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Sometimes it seems that you've seen so much in this life that nothing will be able to surprise you ever again. And then you accidentally overheard someone ...

Why School Buses Are Yellow

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Consider the school bus. It could be painted literally any color: pink, bright green, orange, or even zebra-print. So, why pick yellow? Is it because it's a cheerful ...

You Make The Same Mistakes While Checking Your Weight

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If you've tried to lose weight, you know about that scale addiction. How discouraging it was when the numbers didn't move or, even worse, when they grew! Yow!

12 Unusual Features You Have to See at Least Once

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Would you like to have the power of telepathy or flying? Genetic mutations of that kind are still impossible for humans (maybe just for now, who knows?).

A Few Rules to Know to Survive in College Dorms

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Are you a first-timer moving away from home and right into the jungle that is college dorm life? It might get tough, but have no fear – as long as you pack a ...

12 Rare Features Your Friends Might Have

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Actual comic book superpowers don't exist, but there are quite real genetic mutations that make you as close to a superhero as it gets! You can consider yourself ...