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My Dad Watched Me On His Camera

16 час назад

I am scared of my dad. I think he turned insane. Just one year ago, we were a happy family. But then my dad had an accident at work where he fell off a ladder ...

I Lost My Face

2 дн назад

Hey, I'm Annika. And until the age of 17, I had a perfectly normal life. I was pretty, good in school and in a happy relationship with my boyfriend Lewis. Well, at ...

I Got Triplets At 14

3 дн назад

Hey I'm Sarah and I grew up in a dirty trailer park with an evil mom who threw me out of her home just because I was a teen mom. It all started when I was 14.

My Evil Stepmom

5 дн назад

She Stole My Boyfriend

1 нед назад

I Have 10 Kids At Age 18

2 нед назад

Hey, I'm Flavia and I grew up in a small and boring town in the US. I hated everything about my life, except my boyfriend. He was pretty cute. But then the ...

My Creepy Ex-Boyfriend

2 нед назад

My Classmates Forced Me To Do Their Homework

2 нед назад

Hey, I'm Lima and I wanna tell you about my classmates and how they forced me to do their homework. They thought I wouldn't fight back, but well, they were ...

I Went From Billionaire Daughter To Homeless At 10

2 нед назад

Hey, my name is Jasmin and more than 2 decades ago, I was born into a very rich and powerful family in Syria. I was an only child and my parents made sure I ...

I Have Holes In My Face (why i did it)

2 нед назад

Have you ever felt like you were locked into a small cage? That's how I felt all my life growing up. My parents controlled everything I did. They told me how to ...

I Pretend To Be Mute

3 нед назад

Hey! I'm Peter and I recently changed schools because my dad found a job in a different city. I suffer from social anxiety, so the idea of making new friends ...

I Was Abandoned Because I'm Too Pretty

3 нед назад

Hey, I'm Francisca and I grew up in a trailer with my mom. We both slept on mattresses next to each other. And because my mom didn't have a job, we were both ...

I Was Abducted At Age 3

3 нед назад

I Had Plastic Surgery To Seduce Men

3 нед назад

Hey, my name is Miranda and I wanna tell you why I got plastic surgery and whether it helped me win over my dream guy Jordan or not… It all started when I ...

My Classmates Saw My Butt

4 нед назад

I Got Sextuplets To Become Rich And Famous

4 нед назад

Hey, I'm Monica and this story is about my boyfriend Neil and how he pressured me into having sextuplets. It all started when we were watching a reality tv show ...

A Snake Bit Off My PENlS

1 мес назад

I will stay a virgin for the rest of my life. Let me explain you why. A few years ago I went on vacation to Thailand. My family and I had just checked into our hotel.

I Am Breastfed At 16

1 мес назад

I've always been very close with my mom. I guess it's because my dad left us when I was a baby. Ever since, our favourite activity was her breastfeeding me.

I Replaced My Wife With An 18 Year Old Girl

1 мес назад

Hey, my name is Adrian and I wanna tell you why I got rid of my wife of 10 years and then found a new girlfriend that is MUCH younger than her. It all started 2 ...

How I Make Lots Of Money As A College Student

1 мес назад

Hey, I'm Susanne and I'm studying to become a high school English teacher. But going to college in the United States is incredibly expensive. And I'm already ...